ReConnective Therapy

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ReConnective Therapy

There are many methods used for healing. Some are more traditional such as the mechanical model where the body is a system we manipulate. Recently there has been an increase in treatments often referred to as “alternative medicine.” Many of these are diagnostic models where a technique is applied in an attempt to cause a change in the client. A less common approach is the resonance model. In the practice of ReConnective Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Conscious Integration, the energy of the client directs the treatment by following a group of principles and practices of observation.
Think of it as an approach to healing rather than a methodology, for it exists only in the space between the practitioner and the client. Resonant healing is a finely-honed improvisation, following from moment to moment the queues presented by the patient. The process is simple, relaxing and profound.

About Margaret Rauenhorst

RCT Certified

Margaret Rauenhorst has lived in Camden since 1977 when she stepped off a GreyHound bus in front of Boynton-McKay! Her energetic practice started in 2004 and continues today at The Start Center. She is certified in ReConnective Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Karmic Matrix Systems.