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Mindful Healing Therapies

" I don't know how you should die, but I'm happy to be with you no matter how it turns out" Frank Ostaseski

I have 38 years experience helping people achieve optimal health and feelings of well-being in body, mind and soul. Through bodywork such as Bowen therapy, couples Bowen therapy, oncology massage, shiatsu, herbs, diet and lifestyle consultations, I partner with my clients using my skills and intuition and their willingness to implement self care instructions bringing them into balance and healing. I use a practice called “deep listening” which informs my intuition and knowledge to choose the best treatment for that day facilitating healing according to the bodies own innate healing capabilities. I honor the body/mind/spirit’s own timing knowing there are many layers to go through to become our most authentic selves.

The last 12 years I have been helping people at the end of life. Using my extensive knowledge to bring comfort and peace, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and address pain and discomforts that are all common to someone at the end of life. As an End of Life Doula not only am I qualified to bring comfort through mindful touch, I also offer respite care, end of life planning, sitting vigil and rituals and ceremonies that can all facilitate a peaceful death.

About Lori Rizzuto

Lic, Massage Therapist, Certified Bowen Practitioner, Certified End of Life Doula

Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist Certified Bowen Practitioner Shiatsu Practitioner, Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Oncology and End of Life massage therapist Certified End of Life Doula Associate Bowen Instructor Bachelor of Arts in Dance and the Creative Process Since my early 20's I have been on my own healing journey. I have gone from being a victim to a survivor and am now thriving. All my life experiences, challenges and losses are my teachers, directing my own path to being my most authentic self. I naturally have a deep sense of compassion and discernment and as a healer I use those capabilities to help and serve all human beings who seek their own healing. Healing can be for a "small" or a "big" reason, ongoing or one time, I am happy to support wherever or whatever someone needs. I am also a collage artist, soul dancer, gardener and earth tender, animal lover, life partner and wife and a for life student.