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Mariposa Energy Therapy

Life is what you make of it. Why not make it something beautiful.

Our bodies are made of energy and Energy Medicine assesses the health of these systems. Just like our blood should flow without blockage throughout our vessels, so should the body’s energies flow unhindered. When these energies become stagnant or blocked, illness and disease result.

Energy Medicine is an approach that involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies. When these energies are in balance and flowing properly it can increase your vitality and optimize your health. Energy Medicine has ancient roots and draws heavily from Eastern health practices and disciplines such as acupuncture, yoga, and qi gong. It is both a complement to other medical practices and a complete system for self-care. Energy Medicine can also be preventative. By recognizing energy disruptions before symptoms appear, the energy problem can be corrected rather than allowed to progress into physical illnesses.

In addition to Energy Medicine, I also perform Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation facials which are painless, rejuvenating and revitalizing facial treatments that help the face and whole body look and feel younger.

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About Paula Apro

EEM-CP, CSRT, Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner

I believe that everything in the universe is just energy . . . and that energy can be transformed simply by combining your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and emotions. Everything we need to heal ourselves and be healthy is right within us. All we need to do is tap into the energy. I practice Eden Energy Medicine, I am certified in Reiki II, and I am also the only certified practitioner in the State of Maine for a brand new crystal and sound therapy technique called Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™. I can also help you with food and substance testing to see what foods, meds, and/or supplements are beneficial or detrimental to your own personal energy. What is healthy for most, may not be right for your body. I believe strongly that there is a very important connection between mind and body and often emotions are the cause of many physical problems. I am currently studying to become a certified Emotion Code™Practitioner. Together we can get to the root of some of your chronic health issues with simple painless and completely holistic Energy Medicine techniques. And/or look and feel years younger with blissfully relaxing crystal facials.