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Stress is not what happens to us. It's our response to what happens and response is something we can control. Maureen Killoran

Being present here and now—free of stress and anxiety—allows you to fully recognize where you are, clearly choose where you want to be, and identify appropriate steps for getting there.
Stress prevents you from being thoroughly present. It exacerbates all mental, physical and spiritual issues. Reducing Stress diminishes them.

Have you encountered situations like these signs of stress ?

Wanting to do something—or to stop doing something—
And, yet were Not able to change your behavior ?
Having difficulty rising from bed in the morning …
Being overwhelmed by the tensions and challenges inherent in daily life …
Feeling conflict between your “logical mind” and your “emotional mind” …
Saying to yourself that you can’t do something or don’t deserve something …
Losing your sense of self-esteem, because you haven’t reached your goals …
You can overcome these logjams and move forward by experiencing less internal stress.
Here are the key techniques I use to help people reduce and manage stress so that they can clearly identify their goals make progress toward them:
Hypnosis, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, and ‘Stressed To Best’.

About Robbie Hinchey


Robbie Hinchey began his career as an inner city street counselor while in college. Since then, he has worked as a school counselor and has taught and counseled at all levels, from elementary school through university. He has also worked as a counselor in substance abuse and employee assistance—and with individuals who are deaf. Writing a presentation about the work of J.H. Vandenberg introduced Robbie to the idea that changing self-concepts can change one’s life experience and direction. Integral to this approach is that one’s perception creates one’s reality in the same way that language does. Robbie’s later Reiki training led him to the study of hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques as further means of helping clients achieve their goals. Robbie has helped people of all ages effectively handle the daily stresses of life as well as difficulties such as family tensions, anxiety, addiction, problems at work, legal issues, and fears about serious medical issues.