Kathrin Seitz

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Rockport ME 04856

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Kathrin Seitz

Kathrin Seitz ia a magical teacher. She can pull ideas from your head, she can inspire thoughts you never knew you had.

Studies show that when people are given the opportunity to write about physical and emotional upheavals they often come away with a deeper understanding and affection for who they are and experience improved health. Kathrin helps you become an expressive writer, writing down your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Kathrin helps you to tap into the uncluttered and unstructured aspect of yourself; to go deep. Many aspects of physical ill-health originate within this deeper state of being. Kathrin will work with you to use writing to bring about a more profound understanding of life’s challenges and accelerate the journey toward optimal health; to improve both physical and psychological well-being.

About Kathrin Seitz


Kathrin is a writer, producer, and professional coach who spent thirty years as a creative executive in the publishing, television, film, animation, and toy industries in Los Angeles and New York City. Seitz studied and trained in lay analysis with Marilyn Hamilton in NYC and worked with clients for six years. As a coach, she works with private clients around the country and conducts Method Writing Workshops (jackgrapes.com) in Midcoast Maine, New York City, and Florida. She received her MFA in Fiction at Spalding University and is currently finishing a novel.