Julie Pfeiffer, Relationship Counselor

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Julie Pfeiffer, Relationship Counselor

"The Pfeiffers are masterful when it comes to holding the container for healing whether it has been couples work or a constellation group. Thank you, Julie and Rob. I am smiling more every day." (RW)

Helping individuals, couples, families and organizations to find inner harmony, relational connection and peaceful solutions to differences is my intention. In my practice, clients learn a process and get support to experience their natural state of well-being and to access their inner wisdom in order to envision and evolve the life they want to live. No matter what the presenting issue is (anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship challenges, etc.), clients learn to discern the difference between their authentic state of presence from old survival habits and conditioned patterns which are limiting their experience of joyful living. Each session is a focused co-creation whereby intuitive guidance and creativity flow as we address the goals for our time together. I am also a skilled group facilitator and offer Family Constellation Groups and retreats and workshops for individuals, couples and parents, groups for women, and groups to support meditation and spiritual inquiry. To learn more, please visit www.PfeifferCounselingServices.com.

About Julie Pfeiffer

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)

My life has been devoted to understanding the undercurrents of human behavior. When I was a child, I knew that there was more to this world than simply what the eyes could see. Curiosity about our spiritual nature has consistently been my passion. Some of the ways my spirit loves to express itself is through dance, hiking, quilting , writing, & meditation. Noteworthy teachers through the years to support conscious relationships and spiritual practice have included Drs. Kathyln and Gay Hendricks, Gary Zukav (The Seat of the Soul) and his partner, Linda Francis; Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) and Karen McPhee. Recently, I have been immersed in the study of Family Constellation, a systemic approach to healing. Family Constellation can be done in groups and individually and promotes inner harmony and expands one's connection to others and to life. It honors that we are all souls on an evolutionary journey together. I am excited to share this powerfully dynamic work with you! And I am especially grateful to my family, friends, colleagues, and all of my clients who have been wonderful teachers for me though the years on this amazing adventure of living. Blessed Be.