Inward Grace, Patricia Kaplan, LCSW

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Inward Grace, Patricia Kaplan, LCSW

In Contemplative Spiritual Guidance we seek spiritual understanding. We learn once again to trust this inner wisdom to lead us back to the path of Love. Our intuitive awareness can be resurrected. In our time together, we will seek to uncover any false beliefs we may have about ourselves and reunite with an Inward Grace already within.

The basic premise of Contemplative Spiritual Guidance rests on the notion of “brilliant sanity” and as such, we will know our basic spiritual nature is characterized by clarity, openness, and compassion much like when we were children. As we are guided together within a non-dual, empathic, setting, we find the Source of Unconditional Love waits patiently within.

About Patricia Kaplan


As a licensed clinical social worker, my services are offered to people afflicted with behavioral health issues and substance use disorders. During my social work career, I've witnessed many clients cycle through the "system" from one clinician to the next, year after year. Some clients sought or were prescribed medication to quell their anxiety, depression and/or to regulate their mood yet still they suffered. These clients desperately hoped their life would change through an external source, if only they could find it somewhere, out there. As a recovered alcoholic, with twenty seven years of sobriety, I recognize alcoholism as a deep spiritual malady. My untreated alcoholism blocked my desire to help others, including myself. Before recovery, I moved through life, full of resentment, and deep sadness. My alcoholism was fueled by angry willfulness. Little by little, I understood my drinking as symptomatic of a deeper spiritual disorder. As willingness replaced wilfulness with the help of Something Greater, years of resentment were replaced by forgiveness for myself and others. Now my clinical and personal experience help me, as I help others find their Inward Grace.