Intuitive Consulting

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Camden ME 4843

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Intuitive Consulting

Services include.
• Medical Intuitive Assessment
• Intuitive Life Path Readings
• Intuitive Business Strategizing
• Past Life Regression
• Archetypal Assessments
• After Death Communication
• Death And Grief Assistance

Elizabeth Thorson, RN is certified by Caroline Myss PhD, Norman Shealy MD and the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition as a Counseling Intuitive, having completed an intense four-year program of study with them. She also holds certification from Caroline as an Archetypal Counselor.

About Elizabeth Thorson


Elizabeth's awareness of her intuitive abilities began before the age of five with clairsentient experiences. As a young adult, she chose a traditional career in the health care field as an educator and clinician that left little time for exploring the area of intuitive development. In 1985, a window of opportunity opened that challenged Elizabeth's traditional belief system, and she took tentative exploratory steps toward intuitive development. Doors opened that provided challenges beyond anything she had anticipated. Utilizing her intuitive skills, Elizabeth perceives information around personal, professional, and business issues that provide clients with a high degree of clarity in these areas. She assesses the physical and nonphysical energy fields of the body and or business and works intuitively with clients focusing on their relationships, business issues, life path and health issues. Elizabeth is a strong advocate for the development of one's own intuitive senses and offers experiential programs in various areas of metaphysics