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HeartPotential/Stress Management

"When a surfer experiences flow, it's not dependent on having the perfect waves- flow is about how gracefully she adjusts to daunting waves or turbulent weather. She is poised in inner balance and creates her own flow to suit each environmental circumstance" - Doc Childre

As a Performance Mindset and Stress Management Coach, I work with people in person, by phone or internet, teaching how to manage stress and overwhelm by developing resilience skills which literally change one’s physiology and life.

Whether you are an overwhelmed executive, artist, or athlete dealing with performance anxiety, blocks or stress management- learn scientifically proven techniques to let you navigate with ease the path to successful performance!

I am a HeartMath® Certified Coach and HeartMath® Certified Trainer.
Changing yourself, changes your world!

About Gilda Joffe

HeartMath Certified Trainer

After receiving my bachelor's and master's degrees from The Juilliard School and having an international performing career, I began teaching stress management techniques in the arts and other spheres. I greatly enjoy enabling people to transform their lives via scientifically researched tools and strategies. HeartMath's approach to emotional and behavioral change is grounded in more than 25 years of research. Unlike general stress management programs that suggest lifestyle modifications, HeartMath suggests very specific internal adjustments that may heal stress at its roots. It is a collection of tools and strategies especially designed to lower stress and to increase emotional and physical resilience.