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Eurynome Journeys / WanderWoman Tours & Retreats

"You will come back rested, knowledgeable, recharged, healthy and happy that you went." Marilyn Malone from Ohio, traveled with EJ to Greece '99 and to Ireland '02 & '09

Eurynome Journeys offers an annual women-only wellness retreat in Maine with yoga, healthy eating, hiking, kayaking, cooking classes, and herbalism workshops. Since 1998, Eurynome Journeys LLC has designed innovative custom tours and WanderWoman┬« women-only vacations and retreats to international destinations. Our first trip was island hopping in Greece with a group of nine adventurous women. Travelers joined us from across the US – from Connecticut to California. What a blast we had! We hiked, feasted on healthy Mediterranean cuisine, explored archaeological sites, and visited places steeped in myths about ancient goddesses and gods.

Today our travelers come from across the globe, from Canada to Australia! Since our first tour to Greece, we have added new destinations throughout Europe including Ireland, Italy, Malta, Russia & Finland; in the Middle East to Egypt and Jordan; and next year we are adding Asia to our offerings.

Our tours are active with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors; and to learn about local cuisine, culture, and history.

Eurynome Journeys also arranges custom tours and retreats for special interest groups, universities, and international conferences

About Erja Lipponen

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Erja Lipponen, Owner/Founder of Eurynome Journeys LLC, is an avid traveler, history enthusiast, and outdoor lover. Her passion for mythology, archaeology, history, and nature has taken her throughout Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia, the south Pacific islands, Australia, and New Zealand. Whenever possible Erja blends learning about culture and history with outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and walking--and lots of laughs-- into each tour and retreat. LIVE, LAUGH & TRAVEL WELL!