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Elemental Design Sound Therapy

For over 20 years I’ve been making various musical instruments specifically suited for sound therapy and sound healing work. Starting many years prior, I discovered I had a sensitivity for hands on “energy” work.
More recently, I have combined my gifts and started my practice in sound therapy and vibrational medicine, using sound, vibration, and touch to help invite healing for those in need.
My philosophy around healing is based around the view that we all are capable of self healing. It is the “healers” job to help the client create the environment for healing to take place.
Through my instrument creating work and immense interest in the potential of sound healing, I’ve had the good fortune to have been introduced to many of the modern pioneers of sound healing work, and have studied under a few of them. My approach is grounded with some of the known science in the field, but steered with my intuitive sense.
This work is subtle, but potentially quite powerful.
Individual sessions usually consist of working with gongs, specialized tuning forks, and hands on energy work. It can be helpful for anything from physical injury to emotional healing to helping inspire personal evolution.

About Jim Doble

Sound practioner

Jim has been consciously developing his intuitive sense from an early age. This was sent into high gear when, in his early thirties, he had a strong kundalini emergence and began exploring hands on “energy” work. Around twenty five years ago, he accidentally discovered the potential healing benefits of sound, and has been exploring the depths of how sound and vibration can be beneficial to us ever since. He had the great fortune to participate in the “Sound Healers Colloquium” held many years in New Hampshire. There he was introduced to the work of a great many current sound healers, explorers, and scientists, including his current mentor in tuning fork therapy, John Beaulieu. Several years ago, Jim decided to combine his energetic sensitivity and knowledge of sound/vibration therapies, and start his practice of offering Sound Therapy and Sound Baths professionally.