Barb MacDonald - ND - LAc at Camden Whole Health

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Barb MacDonald - ND - LAc at Camden Whole Health

Remove the obstacles to your best health ever.

You deserve to have a skilled and experienced doctor who listens and understands you as a whole person. Dr. Barb provides individualized your care by addressing your physical – mental – emotional and energetic imbalances to help you be the best version of yourself on all levels. She is the author of The Breast Cancer Companion and several articles on complementary breast cancer care.

At Camden Whole Health – you will find Dr. Barb helps people to remove obstacles to wellness and to heal from the inside out. To personalize your healthcare – she chooses from lab tests to physical exams – pulse and tongue diagnosis – energetic assessment and draws on her skills as a licensed naturopathic doctor – acupuncturist – CranioSacral Therapist as well as western and Chinese herbs – nutritional supplements – diet and nutrition counseling as well as mental-emotional support.

About Barbara MacDonald


"Dr. Barb MacDonald brings a unique perspective to your health issues including degrees in naturopathic medicine - acupuncture - and Chinese herbal therapy. She has extensive training and experience in Qi Gong - CranioSacral Therapy - Esoteric Healing - SomatoEmotional Release - nutritional and lifestyle counseling - as well as conventional and functional lab tests - applied kinesiology - pulse and tongue diagnosis. Most recently - she has focussed on the study of mast cell activation - mycotoxin illness - chronic infection and complex cases. She is the co-author of "The Breast Cancer Companion: A Complementary Care Manual" and is regarded as an expert in the field of complementary cancer care with a focus on women's cancers. She practices at Camden Whole Health at"