ASEA is Complete Cellular Health

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ASEA is Complete Cellular Health

Healthy Cells = Healthy You

Asea is the world’s first and only Redox Signaling Molecule supplement.

3rd party validation on a regular basis by BioAgilytix so you can be sure our product contains trillions of perfectly stabilized R.S.M.’s

Asea has been growing every year since 2010 – expanding into over 30 countries.

Redox Molecules work at our most “foundational level” – the Cellular Level.
When your cells are healthy…your tissues are healthy and when your tissues are healthy your organs are healthy. Well – you get the picture.

About Paige Wolfe

Hello, my name is Paige Wolfe and I have been researching Nutrition and Preventative Medicine since 1985. I've always been interested in the Medicine of "Why", not "What" because I believe it's important to find out Why a person's health is failing and get to the "root" of it! Our bodies don't know the names of different diseases, they only know when things are not in "balance". In October of 2014, my friend Nancy, a retired Nurse recommended I look into this new health science called Redox Signaling. The research made perfect sense to me. Healthy Cells = Healthy Body. When I began supplementing with extra Redox Molecules, positive changes in my health started happening. It is a continuing story I would be happy to share with you! So, in my 30+ years of researching Natural Medicine, I have come up with a few "Absolutes". Quality food, water, air and attitude are of the utmost importance! And, supplementing our bodies with extra Redox Molecules ALWAYS helps, no matter a person's age or health condition. R.S.M's are our cells "communicators" and without communication...nothing works!