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Acupuncture and Primal Health Coach

Mary said she could feel the grip of the migraine letting go! She left with no pain! It has been like a miracle. All we can say is - "Wow!"

Jolinda’s specialties include:
More than 30 years of experience gives Jolinda an unique perspective. Call 207-691-6920 if you would like an appointment. Or click
How is your energy? Is “age” creeping up? Are you dealing with hormone changes, illnesses, medications, weight, and other stresses. You have accomplished a lot and that is commendable. But I suspect if you slept better, felt better, digested better, breathed better, well, you get it… you’d be better.
Lately, we have veered too far away from a sound body based on our DNA map and that hinders our plans and performance. This is where the term Primal Experience Program enters the picture. With guidance and practice you can begin to feel power you think you may be missing and the subtle comfort of harmony when you are functioning as you were born to do.
Based on our cultural lifestyle, about 85% of the correction needed is in food choices and timing of eating. In my health practice, my clients have been very pleased with the flexibility the Keto Model provides. But that is not the entire picture.
The other 15% is divided between two large categories: The first is “movement”, strengthening, and using the body in ways that are organic to a daily schedule. And the last is what I call I call the “Enjoy” adjustment that takes the edge off stresses and applies harmonious interactions with life.
When your energy is no longer confined, you can become resourceful in many other ways.
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Lyme Disease – Candida – Poor Digestion — Toxicities and many other chronic conditions can be addressed with highly effective protocols using homeopathy
The 6-week smoking cessation program includes frequent acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements to minimize cravings, calm the nervous system, and strengthen your will power when the chemicals of cigarettes are withdrawn. People find the have fewer moods swings and cravings initially while they learn to live without these poisons. Clients interested in this program must make a 6-week commitment necessary for recovery of brain chemistry. All supplements are included. Call 207 691-6920 to inquire.
A delightful way to treat the skin and underlying structures is with acupuncture and essential oils. Diet suggestions are supplied along with skin care suggestions. A treatment is typically about an hour and half. It is a great gift for yourself or to give to someone.

About Jolinda Rockett

Licensed Acupuncturist - Certified Primal Health Coach

"My accent gives it away. I am from Texas but I've been here since 1989 - practicing in Camden. My credentials include a BSN from University of Texas - MAc from Sophia Institute and studies around the country and in Japan and the UK. I am a certified Primal Health Coach. I am currently on the Complementary Health Care Licensing Board in Maine. I live with my husband - cats and ducks in Tenants Harbor (that's Tenants Hahbah - to you!)"