Rachel Felson

91 Elm St, Camden, ME,
Camden Maine 04843

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Rachel Felson

RolfingĀ® is a form of manual therapy that provides specific, hands-on treatment to the connective tissue (which encompasses all the muscles, ligaments, nerves, organs, tendons etc.) to treat restricted movement patterns and chronic pain caused by injury or repetitive stress. It incorporates a combination of direct manual therapy with client education to encourage clients to regain a more active, comfortable and pain-free lifestyle.

About Rachel Felson

Certified RolferĀ®

Rachel graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2009 and has been able to continue her education with the most experienced Rolfing instructors in the country in numerous post-graduate classes including biomechanics, nerve manipulation and craniosacral therapy. Her ability to weave together the technical with the subtle, the science with the art is her strong suit and passion. Rachel has worked with clients from the age of two years old to clients well into their eighties. Athletes, desk workers, adventurers, musicians, meditators and laborers have gone through Rolfing session with her. Rachel enjoys working in conjunction with other health care professionals. Rolfing supports the goals of chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage, pilates and yoga.