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Gabriel Jones Coaching

Willing to be a heretic for hope sometimes means more than surviving: let's boldly thrive beyond dysfunction together.

We’re always moving through an internal landscape in this world: Whether you’re pacing in the lawn society’s given you, or you feel lost in the wilderness, or you want to strike out for some new territory. Gabriel-Jones Coaching encourages you to reclaim your own personal compass so you can explore the landscape that is your magnificent life.

With over thirty years’ experience in education, healthcare, and leadership, Kathrin engages pragmatism, humor, and creativity to synthesize history, film, myth & legend, literature, music, and theology for each individual client’s needs to help each person discover and reclaim their own story.

A self-proclaimed “heretic for hope,” Kathrin’s believes that each person holds within themselves the hero they need in their lives. Through workshops, lectures, and one-on-one sessions, Kathrin encourages you to explore the space between you and that feeling of “I got this!”

About Kathrin Gabriel-Jones

Encouragement Coach

Professional history encompasses thirty years in: education ranging from teaching preschool sharing skills to teaching anatomy to medical coding students, leadership ranging from inventory & purchasing manager to running a church parish, healthcare administration ranging from medical coding, medical compliance and auditing, and teaching surgeons thorough documentation (including publication of the first textbook on medical coding physician-patient visits, Medical Coding Evaluation and Management), as well as spiritual and theological exploration and query.