Create Sanctuary: Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings

Office address (does not accept mail) 255 Molyneaux Road,
Camden Maine 4843

Phone: 207-322-0627

Create Sanctuary: Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings

Oracle Readings: Intuitively guided, I offer insight into your current situation and messages from your Guides and Higher Self. Using multiple oracle decks, the messages validate each other and offer different perspectives providing clarity to clients. Clients will receive clarity on current challenges, opportunities and insight on your life path. During our sessions, people who have passed, clients’ past lives and Guides’ will provide messages.
Energy Healings & Reiki : I work with clients to clear their energy field through guided meditation and no-touch techniques guided by Spirit. Trained in Usui Reiki, I serve as a channel for Reiki energy to balance chakras and clear blockages internally. Clients frequently state they feel calmer and more relaxed. I use both approaches on pets, land and your home.
Land and Home Clearings: Using numerous techniques, I clear your land and home of stagnate energy and, with intention, bring in creativity, positive energy and unconditional love to create sanctuary.
Creating Sanctuary Where You Live: Your property is a living ecosystem. I will assist in developing your relationship with your land. We will create, with intention, a sacred landscape with specific features to maintain connection with your land’s being-ness. By addressing outer ecology needs and imbalances, we begin to address our inner ecology needs and imbalances.

What to expect:
With your active participation, we will
 Co-create balanced landscapes,
 Restore your reciprocal relationship with nature,
 Establish a sacredness where you live,
 Awaken your innate nature whisperer abilities,
 Take steps toward peaceful co-existence, and
 Embrace your role as environmental guardian of your land

About Julie Sells

Being in nature and feeling my relationship to our natural world is my way of connecting to the Divine Spirit. In my youth, I preferred to play in the wooded valley in my backyard rather than being indoors. For almost twenty years, I studied with various spiritual teachers, including a psychic medium and mentors from Peruvian and Native American traditions. I am a current student of Grandmother La'ne' Sa'an Moonwalker, a Yaqui Indian and Master Teacher & Healer. I enjoy my gardening clients. I have learned from several Midcoast Maine gardeners and earned my Maine Master Gardener certification. As a certified Usui Reiki I & II and animal Reiki practioner, I am a conduit for Reiki energy to address needs of my clients from healing imbalances and traumas stored in the body to relaxation. I am also pursuing a graduate degree in Consciousness Studies at Goddard College, Plainfield Vermont, albeit currently taking a break from my studies. My concentration is connecting to nature consciousness.